About Sonic Democracy

Passion, creativity and professionalism are traits that define Sonic Democracy, a musical band from Timmins, Ontario.  The group started as a senior level high school performance class in 2011 under the direction of Dr. Barry Promane, who continues to lead the group.  Since its inception, Sonic Democracy has performed for thousands of people through many vibrant concerts.  Although the band performs primarily at the William Dawson Theatre, it has shared stages with professional acts, including Neverest and the Lowest of the Low.

Sonic Democracy comprises many young and talented artists, ranging from Grade 9 to 12, who are committed to musical excellence.  The band includes 30 musicians and 4 technicians, with junior and senior members working together to develop their skills.  Although members have different musical tastes, all of their ideas fuse to create unique and innovative shows through colossal lighting, large sound systems and dynamic multimedia presentations.  In 2016, Sonic Democracy partnered with Lake Shore Gold and TEMPO (Through Education Music Provides Opportunity) and Coalition Music of Toronto to deliver β€œThe Music Business Experience,” through which members continue to gain hands-on experience by working alongside industry professionals.  In June 2017, Sonic Democracy released their first full length album.  

As of June 2018, Sonic Democracy has written, recorded, and released their second studio album, entitled Crossroads & Dreamlands. The five track concept album covers the five stages of grief in a diverse and unique manner. They will also be performing at the Stars & Thunder festival for the second time on June 26th, 2018.