III. Crossroads & Dreamlands

Not pictured: Keys - Rylan Chisholm

It’s a war inside my head

I should do what’s right

 But I might choose left instead

 Looks like another sleepless night

So I’ll drive on down to the crossroads

Just to get my dreamland

Truth be told, I’d sell my soul

 Just to see you again

Crossroads and dreamlands

Take me away

 I can already sense her pain

I’m gonna meet her there

Nothing to lose, a lot to gain

Then she says in despair

Please sir, I need your help

I can’t do this alone

I’ll give you whatever you want

Just please bring him home

Crossroads and dreamlands

 Take me away

He says to me

Everything has a price soul for a soul

Yours will suffice

I held out my hand

That’s fine by me

 I’m begging you

Begging you

Begging you please

Crossroads and dreamlands

I sold my soul

Down at the crossroads

Just to bring you home

Barry Promane