Darril Campbell


About me

"I’m an 18 year-old bassist and vocalist. This is my third year performing in Sonic, and I wrote and played the bass for “I’m Alive” and “The Best Is Yet To Come” on Sonic Democracy’s self-titled album, that you should definitely get by the way, would recommend. I used to perform, but quit playing until about 4 years ago, when I picked up the bass. My music style is a patchwork of preference, as I enjoy everything from fifties bops to very loud, in-your-face music. I would say my biggest bassist inspirations are James Jamerson, Paul D’Amour, and Shavo Odadjian."

Ryan Deschamps


About me

"My music interests are playing the drums and guitar. My music idols are Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and other classic rock artists. My goal in music is to inspire my self and others as to set a good role to younger audiences."

Noah Despres


About me

"My past in music is honestly quite simple. As a baby I always used to get extremely excited for any music played so at the age of four my parents threw me in piano lessons. I was simply in love with playing and after seeing Sonic Democracy in concert in grade eight it opened my eyes to what my biggest goal was. The artists that inspired me into playing with Sonic Democracy includes Ray Charles for the fact of showing me that with the love and passion for music, I can do it all. My second and third influences are Mr. Promane and my bandmates in Sonic Democracy showing me their love in music and our support for each other is truly what keeps me going."

Mitchell Dunstan


About Me

"I am 19 years old and I am currently attending my final year at TH&VS. My main instrument is the drums. One of my musical influences are Dave Grohl from Nirvana and the Foo Fighters. I also enjoy the band The Internet, which is one of my main influences because I enjoy how they have more of an electronic sound but also incorporate live instrumentation in their music, giving them a really interesting and unique sound. My goals for this semester is to practice my skills in drumming and get a better understanding in music theory. "

Calvin Fleury


About me

"I am a 19 year old student attending TH&VS. I play guitar and this is my fourth year in Sonic Democracy. My musical influences are mostly blues artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Eric Clapton however I listen to almost anything from classic rock to R&B/Trap."

Michael Fong


About me

"Also nicknamed “Patient Zero", I am a technician & a business coordinator for the band. My nickname came from my first year in Sonic Democracy when I was sick for about a month and ended up causing a chain of sickness that moved throughout the band members… oops? I was inspired by Mark Fisher, Jon Bellion, and Nothing More. My personal taste in music is more alternative rock, metal, and EDM, with the odd country and blues song from time to time."

Emma Giroux


About Me

"I’m a 15-year-old business technician in Sonic Democracy. This happens to be my first year in Sonic, and hopefully not my last. I decided to explore my options once I discovered how the program worked, I had no idea how close you can become to everyone, especially within such a short period of time. After my next two and a half years of high school, I wish to pursue post-secondary schooling in a college that offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), then later will apply to a program that offers education in Midwifery. My three biggest musical influences are The Neighbourhood, Troye Sivan, and EDEN."

Sedona Jones


About Me

"My brother says, “Opera and screamo are closely related musical genres”. Lately, I’m starting to believe him. I have always enjoyed opera and musical theatre, beginning at age 5 in the Iroquois Falls Music Festival. Now, I have started dabbling in rock. One of the most influential people in my music career is my mother. She sang me to sleep when I was a little girl, and has paid for my singing and piano lessons. My singing instructor, Allison Kirkpatrick, encourages me to pursue opera, as well as other genres. I aspire to be a broadway performer like Lindsay Mendez."

Morgan Kamalatisit


About Me

"You’ll often see me on the organ. I started messing around on the keyboard when I was just 8 years old, I am entirely self-taught but only started taking music seriously when Mr. Promane overheard me playing and asked if I’d be interested in playing for the band. Since then, I’ve had a strong interest in music and hope to pursue a career in the field. My inspirations are Mr. Promane, Queen, and Rush."

Katie Kirkpatrick


About Me

"This is my third year with Sonic Democracy and it has been such an amazing experience. I am a vocalist and pianist in the class and in our music business program I’m working on music composition. Before joining Sonic Democracy, I was classically trained in voice, piano, violin and flute along with advanced music theory. This band has introduced me to a different side of music than what I was used to and I’ve loved exploring other musical genres. My main musical inspirations are Queen, Birdie and Fleetwood Mac."

Antony Kos


About me

"I’m a 17-year-old singer and songwriter who performs as a lead vocalist in Sonic Democracy. I’ve been in the band for two years, and performed “Here For You” on Sonic Democracy’s self-titled album. My singing style is typically classical, but sometimes I like to scream at the crowd for fun. I’m an avid songwriter, and I currently have over 20 songs written. I plan to release an original 15-track album, titled “All For When”, in the spring of 2018. My three biggest musical influences are Regina Spektor, St. Vincent, and CupcakKe."

Brenna Larouche


About Me

"I got started in music when I was really young, as music was always around me. If I wasn't listening to the radio, my dad would be playing guitar. I play electric guitar and I am a vocalist. I also do some backstage work. My biggest inspirations in music are my dad, Hailey Marchand and Antony Kos. My bandmates continuously inspire me to do great things."

Emily Legasy




Anthony Malley


About Me

"I’m a 17-year-old student who has a passion for playing the acoustic guitar. At a young age of 9, I had an interest in the electric guitar and decided to start teaching myself how to play. But as time went on I realized the acoustic guitar was more suited for me. I would have to say that the main inspiration that drove me to learn the acoustic guitar was an Australian musician named John Butler and his composition Ocean. Over the last 8 years of playing I have come across many different playing styles. Today I am proud to say I love playing percussive, fingerstyle, 12 and 6 string acoustic guitars. Other musicians that inspires me to keep playing would be Andy McKee, Antoine Dufour and Luca Stricagnoli, three very talented percussive acoustic guitar players who have opened my eyes to a style of music I didn’t even knew existed!"


Matthew Malley


About me

My name is Matthew Malley and I am a 15 year old musician with many roles. My two primary musical interests are playing acoustic guitar and producing electronic music. Along with the production of my electronic music, I also like to sing and edit my vocals. I’ve worked with FL Studio since the age of 12. My main favourite genres of music would be Hip-Hop/Rap and R&B/Soul. Presently, I have 3 big inspirations, influencing my work. First, Bryson Tiller has been a huge inspiration to me, being a very talented electronic R&B/Soul singer. Second, Drake had been, and still is a big inspiration of mine, with his catchy hit songs like “Take Care” and “Fake Love”. Lastly, an other good inspiration of mine is 6LACK. He is a Dark type of R&B singer, that sings in a very relaxing manner. In conclusion, music has been part of my everyday life since a young age, and I love that about my life.

Hailey Marchand


About Me

"I got started in music when I saw Sonic Democracy in concert. I play the bass, and my inspirations are Geddy Lee, John Entwistle, and Chris Squire."

Jackson Marchand


Tristan Melanson


About Me

"I was born in Stratford, Ontario. Music was injected into my brain at an extremely young age. My earliest memory was playing with my toy guitar and singing Metallica, at 2 years old. At age 3 I moved to Bathurst, New Brunswick where I was raised all my adolescence. My passion for music officially started when I was 11 years old when I started playing guitar. Jamming to Metallica songs led me to learn bass due to my fascination with the late Cliff Burton. Experimenting with different bands led me to pick up singing. I started to become
depressed because of how musically dead Bathurst was and my inability to express myself musically. Thankfully I learned about Sonic Democracy and moved to Timmins as soon as I could for the sole purpose of music. This is my first year in Sonic, and I plan to entertain to the best of my ability. My current direct influences are: The Mars Volta, Swans and Steven Wilson."

Alexis Moraze


About Me

"My intentions with Sonic Democracy are to show everyone what I am capable of and to work as a team to achieve goals we couldn't do alone. My influences are Ray Charles, Queen and Billy Joel."

Hailee Morgan


About Me

“I couldn’t be a princess so I became a singer instead. Ray Charles, The Beatles and The Beach Boys are oldies but always goodies.”

Olivia Riddolls


About me

"This is my first year in Sonic Democracy as a vocalist. On average, my singing style is very different than the rock bands that Sonic focuses on, as I am comfortable with soul music or worship. Having said that, this is new territory for me. I believe, however, that this experience will be good for me, stretching my limits and removing me from my comfort zone. I really do love music, having been inspired by my father, grandma, and the various worship leaders from the different churches I've attended, so I will be sure to make the most of the chances I've been given."

Wesley Riddolls



"I started playing the guitar when I was around 9. I mostly grew up in the country so naturally I loved country music, finger style, and classic rock. My biggest musical influences would be Vince Gill because I could relate to him because I grew up in the country and he was a chicken picker. My second big influence was Chet Atkins because he was one of the best jazz/country guitar player of his time. My last influence is Tommy Emmanuel because he plays so beautifully yet effortlessly. I hope to be as good as all of them one day."

Brayden Roy


About me

"I started taking guitar lessons when I was 8 years old. While trying to impress a girl I started singing and haven’t stopped since. Some of my musical influences include Robbie Robertson of The Band, an amazing guitarist and soulful songwriter from Toronto. Another one of my influences is Dave Grohl, the front man for the Foo Fighters, a powerful singer who is always experimenting with his music. My biggest musical influence is my grandfather, watching him play as I was growing up and listening to his stories is why I love music so much."

Allison Smith


Briana Sutherland


About me

"I have always been a kid in love with music.  Around the age of 4, I would sing for my neighbours and friends at campfires. As I got older, I always participated in my school’s choir and the local music festival, that’s when I started taking classical singing and piano lessons. Being in Sonic Democracy has encouraged me to listen to various styles of music. My main inspirations are Lin-Manuel Miranda, AC/DC and Queen. This will be my second year and I’m looking forward for what is to come."

Griffin Tees


About me

"I am 18 years old and in my fourth and final year of Sonic Democracy. I originally only played guitar until last year when I began to sing. I play mostly blues and jazz style guitar, however I enjoy listening to almost all kinds of music. My biggest musical influences are Jeff Buckley, Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan."

Hannah Torrens


About Me

"I am a drummer and have been for the past 4 years. I’ve always loved music as a kid and knew that I wanted to become a musician one day. I first started off by playing the guitar but couldn’t find the motivation to do so. When I first heard Neil Peart (the drummer from the band Rush) play, I knew that that was exactly what I wanted to do. Ever since then, I’ve been working hard to become just as great as Neil Peart and other musicians such as Keith Moon and Roger Taylor."

Thor Vachon


About me

"I play bass guitar. I joined Sonic Democracy my grade 9 year, and recorded the song 'My Life' with the band on our first album. The main genres I like to play are alternative, funk, pop, and metal, but I also like playing country, rock and progressive pieces. My idols are John Myung from Dream Theatre, Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Cliff Burton from Metallica." 

Josh Warriner


About Me

"I have been a lighting designer for Sonic Democracy for three years. I have also been a business coordinator for the band, assisting with marketing and production duties for two years. I became interested in becoming involved with music during my first year of high school, however music has been a major element of my life since childhood. Growing up with a music-loving family, I came to appreciate music in all of its forms. I've been inspired by the works of Marc Brickman and Oli Metcalfe in my lighting design, and by Mr. Promane in my passion for music."

Nathan Zinck


About Me

"I play the electric guitar. My three musical inspirations have to be Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. These artists have helped inspire me to try and find new sounds and techniques to try and replicate on the guitar, as well as assisted me in making a few of my own."