My Life

Spent my whole life in fear of what everyone would think 

But hiding myself from the world was my biggest mistake 

Just gotta break through these chains and find my way 

I will not be let astray 

Led astray

My life, I'm free

To show the real me

I want you to see

My life, this is me

Opening my eyes, to the real me

My life, I'm carefree 

I'm not afraid 

I will be brave

My life, this is me

I've set myself free

What I've learned is you have to strive to be who you are 

Always going to be controversy in the world, it's up to you to set the bar 

Your future stands upon you, and soon you'll make your own decisions 

You'll learn from your mistakes and you'll realize you're only human 

Only human

Your life, you are free 

Show the real you

Let the people see

Your life, you are free 

Opening your eyes, be who you want to be 

Your life, be carefree

Don't be afraid 

Just be brace 

Your life, this is you

Set yourself free

They've got nothing on us 

This world is corrupted 

They've got nothing on us 

We'll be strong together

They've got nothing on us

Living freely 

They've got nothing on us 

Being yourself is the best sobriety 



Vocals - Emma Burton

Guitar - Ryan Brunette, Angie Lescault, Branden Myatt

Bass - Thor Vachon

Drums - Hannah Torrens

Composed by: Ryan Brunette, Emma Burton, Angie Lescault, Branden Myatt, Barry Promane, Hannah Torrens and Thor Vachon

Artwork by: Ryan Brunette, Brenna Larouche