Two Shows, Two Setlists

On Friday, June 8th, and Saturday, June 9th, Sonic Democracy will be performing live at the William Dawson Theatre at 7pm. For the first time, Sonic Democracy will be performing a different setlist each night! A few choice pieces will appear each night (Rush, Boston, a Tragically Hip medley, and more), but otherwise each night will be packed with different diverse cover songs! Don't forget, Crossroads & Dreamlands will be performed live in full each night!

Friday night will feature songs such as a classic hit by Blondie, and a modern track by the Neighborhood.

Saturday night will feature songs such as a modern classic by the Killers, as well as a song in tribute to the lead vocalist of the Cranberries.

We hope to see all of you out this weekend, maybe for both nights to hear our full repertoire!

Josh Warriner